GK General Knowledge
GK General Knowledge


🟣 Important List of National Games of Countries

♦️USA ➖ Baseball
♦️Spain ➖ Bulls Fighting
♦️Canada➖ Ice Hockey / Lacrosse
♦️New Zealand➖ Rugby Union
♦️Pakistan➖ Hockey
♦️Bangladesh➖ Kabaddi
♦️Srilanka➖ Volleyball
♦️Russia➖ Football & Chess
♦️China ➖ Table Tennis
♦️Brazil ➖ Football
♦️England ➖Cricket
♦️Japan ➖ Judo
♦️Australia➖ Cricket
♦️Malaysia➖ Badminton
♦️Scotland➖ Rugby Football
♦️Indonesia➖ Badminton
♦️Bhutan➖ Archery
♦️Turkey ➖Wrestling
♦️Switzerland➖ Shooting & Gymnastics

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