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United State Dollar Vs Swiss Franc Currency 

As i am Currency Trading Expert,here i want to share my trading skills and predictions with you,i am FOREX trader and i trade in USD /CHF pair ,i will share here when to buy/sell on usd/chf pair ,i share the forecast or prediction on daily basis so this is long position for you,but mostly chance to hit profit on this position .

i do many experiments on USD / SWISS franc currency pair,use many charts,indicators,moving avg etc.

also i used to economic events and news to calculate it for buy or sell . Just practice with mt4 online demo trading account to check my signals and predictions .

USD/CHF Currency Pair 

  Currency Rates As Per 15/07/2019 IST 20:50 PM

Buy/Bid ==> USD/CHF :: 0.98450

                       Take Profit :: 0.99000

                     Stop Loss :: 0.98100


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